The Power of 1 Idea
Hi Small Business Owner,
1 idea can change your life! 1 idea can help you achieve your business dreams and goals, put the enjoyment back into the time they spend at work, reduce your stress & frustration levels and make you more profit with less effort. The iHelp Business Checklists helps you effectively manage all of the "8 Hats of Business": 1. Strategic 
 2. Marketing 3. Sales 4. Service 5. Finance 6. Human Resources 7. Information Technology  8. Administration
There are 60+ Business Checklists based on the "8 Hats of Business". The easy-to-use Checklists will be your own personal library of "how to guides", you can call on whenever you need.  All of the 60+ Checklists cost $33 per year ($0.63 per week)! Updates to existing checklists and new checklists we add are free of charge.

The 1 powerful idea that changes your life forever may be in one of the 60+ checklists! Good luck!
The Power of 1 Idea.
Master the 8 Hats in your small business with the ready-to-use 60+ Checklists:
1. Strategic Checklists
2. Marketing Checklists
3. Sales Checklists
4. Service Checklists
5. Finance Checklists
6. Human Resources Checklists
7. Information Technology Checklists; and
8. Administration Checklists
... and You Get the Complete Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists for ONLY $33 PER YEAR
Think about the value here!

For less than the cost of a printer cartridge each year, you get access to a complete business-made-simple suite of over 60 Checklists that will help you to achieve your business dreams and goals.

Why such great value?

Because I am truly committed to live out my mission of "Helping People Succeed" and I want you to be one of those people!  I don't want you to miss out on this matchless opportunity.

You simply can't afford to miss out on this amazing value offer!
Get Your Personal Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists, and Put Them to Use, for Just $33 a Year!
Get Your Library of Over 60 Business-Made-Simple Checklists TODAY!
$33 per year (incl $3 GST)
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